Transform your room in minutes with our simple to apply, peel and stick tiles offered in diverse patterns made from reclaimed wood.

Retro Hex

A powerful statement to make your retail space stand apart

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Taraval Mixed

A feature wall unlike any other.

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A Character Of Its Own

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What Is RusticGeo ?

Original, Modern, Rustic, Playful, Eye Catching....

We're enchanted by the distinct appeal and history of salvaged wood, but in love with the beautiful tile mosaic that adorns the walls of our kitchens and baths...

So we put them together with an easy peel & stick application method.

The result blends our favorite attributes in range of wall tiles that will transform your walls into a centerpiece.

We like to think of it as a blend of coastal design and heartland heritage.

Oh and did we mention, we simplified the application, so that you can apply it to your walls in minutes!